bride and groom kissing on elopement wedding day
bride and groom walking on wedding day

Is the idea of a huge wedding with hundreds of people not your thing?

Would you rather plan your wedding day around you?

Do you want to have your ceremony at a unique and special location?

Are you looking to have a small, more intimate wedding with fewer than 20 guests?

A Door County Elopement might be perfect for you!

What is a Door County Elopement?

Large weddings are great!  I photograph large and traditional weddings and I love them, but they aren’t for everyone and that’s OK!

What is an elopement?  There are many definitions, but to me an elopement is when you take back control of your wedding day.

You don’t plan the wedding that you think people expect you to have.  You plan the wedding day YOU WANT!  If you want only a few special people with you, that’s great!  If you want to spend your wedding day with only your spouse, that’s awesome too!

It’s your day!

Planning Your Perfect Day

With an elopement, there’s no pre-made timeline that we have to follow and the day can be planned around what YOU want!

Do you want to hang out at a brewery, go wine tasting, play mini golf, go on a sailboat ride, go on a hike?  Let’s go!

I will help you plan out the perfect day.  We will sit down together and I will guide you as we come up with a timeline that includes all your favorite Door County activities.  We will plan a picture perfect ceremony, fun things to do up and down the peninsula, and a beautiful sunset photo session.

Your Unique Ceremony

bride and groom walking on wedding day
door county small wedding chapel

Here’s probably the best part, you are not limited at all when choosing your ceremony location!

Get married wherever you want!

During the planning process, we’ll choose the perfect backdrop for your ceremony.  That can be at a remote overlook at sunset with views of Lake Michigan, at a brewery or winery, in your back yard, at the end of an epic hike, or even on top of a lighthouse.  The options are literally endless!

Capturing Your Day

With my Door County Elopement photography package, you are still going to get photos of your entire day.  We’ll capture preparation and getting ready photos, detail photos, candid photos, and the formal photos you’d expect.

Want those epic wedding photos?  Since there is no traditional timeline to follow, we can plan to get the photos you want.  We’ll look for the next locations with the best lighting to get epic photos.

bride and groom walking on wedding day
bride and groom walking on wedding day


I have a one size fits all package that is great for any Door County Elopement wedding day.

Door County Elopment Photography

  • No Time Limit
  • Unlimited Planning Meetings
  • Photos of the entire day including preparation, ceremony, formal and fun portraits, and candid photos throughout the day.
  • All the high resolution digital photos from your day. Print release also included.
  • 9.5”x13” Premium Wedding Album

Weekday Elopements

Since you are in control of your day, there’s no rule that your wedding day needs to be on a Saturday!

For all Door County elopements taking place Sunday-Thursday are also 20% OFF the price above!

Let’s Talk!

Are you ready to talk more about your Door County elopement?  I would talk about how I can help you capture the unique wedding day that you are dreaming of!  Fill out the form below or send me an email to get in touch!